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PDR repairs to wings and wheelarches has just become easier!
Wednesday 24 July 2024

Check out the new Power-TEC 92099 Paintless Dent Repair Tyre Support! This sturdy little helper is made from tough ABS plastic and is designed to give you the leverage you need when performing PDR on vehicle wings and... read more

Compact and useful 2-in-1 combined knife and scraper
Tuesday 23 July 2024

Laser Tools has just introduced a new 2-in-1 folding scraper and utility knife that is designed for versatility and convenience (part number 8762). The dual-position blade folds out and then can be rotated 90° to use... read more

Show-quality vehicles and displays? Protect plated or anodised fasteners with these imperial-sized non-marring socket inserts from Laser Tools.
Thursday 18 July 2024

When working on high-end, show-quality classic vehicles or automotive displays, the fit and finish of the fasteners is just as important as the paint and bodywork. For example, chrome-plated fasteners can be damaged... read more

Laser Tools introduces new timing-tool kit for Volkswagen Group EA 211 petrol engines
Tuesday 16 July 2024

A new timing-tool kit has just been released by Laser Tools — the Laser 8824 Engine Timing Kit has been developed to allow the user to align, set and check the engine timing of Volkswagen Group EA 211, 4-cylinder TSI... read more

This diagnostic smoke leak detector finds elusive leaks in seconds
Tuesday 09 July 2024

The new Laser Diagnostic Smoke Leak Detector Kit (part number 8831), is specially designed for controlled smoke generation, facilitating the detection of elusive leaks in various closed systems. It's a valuable tool for... read more

Specialist Tesla suspension set-up gauges
Tuesday 02 July 2024

Specialist Electric Vehicle workshop or finding more EV business coming your way? Turn to Laser Tools for your EV and hybrid vehicle special tools and workshop safety equipment. If you are working on Teslas, here are... read more

Remove stubborn gaskets, sealants, stickers and labels from hard surfaces with this hot-blade scraper
Thursday 27 June 2024

New to the Laser Tools range is this rechargeable cordless hot-blade scraper (part number 8808), that makes easy work of removing stubborn stickers, labels, decals, gaskets, hardened sealant, etc, on glass, castings and... read more

Easy to use and powerful compressed-air tyre bead seater
Tuesday 25 June 2024

Tyre bead seating can be a bit of a task at the best of times. It’s very important that the tyre bead is seated correctly for tyre safety and performance. The new compressed-air tyre bead seater from Laser Tools (part... read more

Easy fuse extraction with this fuse removal set
Tuesday 11 June 2024

When it comes to removing automotive blade fuses, are you all fingers and thumbs? Laser Tools has just introduced a 3-piece set of double-ended fuse removal tools (part number 8668), designed for easy and efficient... read more